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Home Help Login Problems

Be sure to use the right login page

To login to your currency trading game account (IFTdemo), use: IFTdemo Login Page

To login to your real currency trading account (IFT), use: IFT Login Page

Forgot your password?

Remember: Your username and password are case sensitive.
You can retrieve your password by using either your email address or your username. Enter this information in the the IFT or IFTdemo retrieve password form and your login information will be emailed to you.

Login Window
Once you enter your login information, a small window opens and starts loading the main IFT Platform. Make sure not to close this pop-up window for the entire time you are logged in and are using the IFT or IFTdemo platform.
Enable Javascript
Javascript needs to be enabled on your Web browser for the pop-up window to open. To test whether Javascript is enabled on your Web browser, run the Javascript test.
Java Support
To run the IFT platform, your Web browser needs to support Java. Run IFT's Java tests to make sure you can connect and perform transactions using your Web browser: If your systems does not contain Java then download Java at
128-bit Encryption Support
To make sure your information is transmitted over secure channels, IFT platform requires your Web browser to support 128-bit encryption. Run the encryption test to find out whether your Web browser supports 128-bit encryption.
Technical Support
If you encounter any problems running these tests, please contact our technical support team.