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About BizFOREX

Corporate History
BizFOREX was founded upon the belief that technology, primarily the Internet, would have a significant impact on the "globalization" of the worldwide marketplace and, henceforth, a significant impact on the demand for currency-related products and services. The Company, a Delaware corporation, was established to provide financial services worldwide.  BizFOREX was co-founded by Dr. John Danberry, a Phd holder in International Finance and Dr. Andrew of Pacific Financial Securities Services a leading econometric research and development firm whose world-renowned products have been in use at over 70 major institutions.

Business Overview
BizFOREX is a leading technology and financial services provider of currency conversion and localization tools, decision support and risk management applications, database technologies and transaction services. The Company was an early pioneer in the development of proprietary conversion, localization and forecasting technologies for use in the digital economy. Through its affiliation with Pacific Financial Securities Services Limited, BizFOREX has access to one of the world's largest historical, high frequency, filtered currency databases. Most recently the Company has developed IFT, a proprietary and fully automated Internet-based trading platform that serves as the basis for BizFOREX's private and white label FX trading solutions.

The Web site -
BizFOREX is the premier online destination for foreign currency tools and applications as well as foreign exchange related content and community targeted at investors, businesses and travel clients.

  • Investors: BizFOREX provides predictive technologies, decision support and risk management applications, database technologies, and a proprietary trading system.
  • Businesses: BizFOREX provides, on a subscription basis, a variety of currency localization services including data feeds that allow merchant to display prices in a variety of currencies.
  • Travelers: BizFOREX provides travelers with current currency rates, simple conversions, forecasts, and historical currency rates, as well as helpful tips and links for every travel need.

For further information, please visit the appropriate channel within the Web site.

About IFT
BizFOREX's proprietary IFT Platform comes from 10+ years of foreign exchange research and analysis. The platform was developed with the goal of making currency trading significantly more convenient than it is through other means. IFT is truly revolutionary in what it has to offer.

  • Fully automated platform - from market-making to trade execution:
    BizFOREX is currently the 100% electronic marketplace for trading currencies via the Internet.
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate trading interface:
    Our goal is to make currency trading convenient and simple for everyone from the novice FX investor/speculator to the experienced trader.
  • Price transparency:
    Our innovative, market-making technology offers instant execution from live two-way prices.
  • Instant confirmation / settlement with real-time account management:
    When a currency pair is bought or sold, confirmation and settlement are instant with P/L, margin and account activity being updated in real-time using BizFOREX's innovative Java-based trading platform.
  • Leverage - 50:1:
    BizFOREX's IFT Platform allows you to leverage 50:1. This enables you to take better advantage of small price movements.
  • 24/7 availability:
    BizFOREX's IFT Platform is available for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is in contrast to the FX market, in which there is no trading over the weekend.
  • Internet- based, no software to download:
    The IFT User Interface will run on virtually all Internet-connected browsers. It is thus available anywhere, anytime. Unlike many other online offerings, setting up our trading platform does not require you to download software.
  • Analysis tools:
    The BizFOREX IFT Platform also makes available a number of proprietary and third -party analysis tools to aid you with your trading decisions.

For further information about the benefits of trading via BizFOREX's IFT Platform, visit: Why Trade with BizFOREX?