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Why Trade with BizFOREX?

BizFOREX's IFT Platform comes from 10+ years of foreign exchange market research and analysis. By incorporating patented market-making and risk management technologies, BizFOREX is able to offer you the most innovative and revolutionary online FX trading platform in the market today.

  • 100% automated - from market-making through trade execution
  • Real-time executable pricing - transparent pricing
  • Instant settlement, deal confirmation
  • Overnightly interest payments.
  • Competitive transaction sizes available.
  • Initial deposit as low as $3000
  • No startup costs
  • No charges for stop or limit orders
  • Free access to proprietary, quantitative research tools
  • Truly Internet-based, no software to download
  • User-friendly, intuitive trading interface
  • 4 currency pairs with options for VIP investors to trade onto more than 10 pairs) - Major spots
  • Maximum Margin-trading - 2% or 50:1
  • Real-time trade blotter
  • Real-time account management
  • Real-time profit and loss analysis
  • Dynamic exchange rate graphs
  • Free currency news

BizFOREX's proprietary IFT Platform is a fully automated trading platform in which BizFOREX plays the role of market-maker. Our platform is not an auctioning system in which a trader must request a price from a pricing source and then make a buy/sell decision based on the quote offered. Nor is it a matching engine where a trade is executed only if both sides of the trade can be filled at the time of the buy/sell request.

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