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BizFOREX™ is a wholly owned trademark and Foreign Exchange Trading arm of STAR AMERICA HOLDINGS, LLC, (SAH) is an American owned and registered foreign currency trading company with its Head Office at 3422, Old Capital Trail, Suite 700, Wilmington, DE 19808-6192 USA.  SAH, through BizFOREX™ expands its forex trading business worldwide.

The Star America Holdings  Group of companies incorporated under the laws of United States of America, is a diversified group with its core businesses in financial services. Together with its affiliate, Pacific Financial Securities Services, SAH provides services ranging from Foreign Exchange, Equities Investment Services, Index Trading and Futures Trading. Since its inception, SAH has been providing financial securities dealing and private investments services to US, European and Asian capital markets.

Built on four business principles of highly efficient people resources, innovative products and services, quality support and professional know-how, the group brings about attractive financial investment opportunities to both individual investors and corporate institutions. With regional offices spanning U.S.A., East Asia, South East Asia and the South Pacific, our network of subsidiaries provides a range of financial products and services development specifically to optimize returns. From the privacy of personalized banking, invaluable information services to client-oriented investment portfolios to Internet online trading accounts, our investors and institutions are assured of their return on investment. It is a one-stop solution center for providing a comprehensive trading platform for individuals in order to create a level entry for everyone. 


STAR AMERICA HOLDINGS, LLC is committed to providing its trading clients with the World's:
1) Most EFFICIENT, COMPETITIVE, SECURE and PROFITABLE access to international currency markets
2) Best expert advice and training
3) Most accurate, relevant and easily understood information and analysis
And STAR AMERICA HOLDINGS, LLC, will do this by valuing and respecting its clients and regarding their success as the foundation of its business.
   Corporate Goal
"To be recognized in the global market as a highly progressive group of companies, with market leadership in Asset Management, Financial Services, Internet Online Brokerage Services, Real Estate Investments and international Commerce. We exist to grow both the personal and corporate wealth of our clients and enrich their lifestyles continuously."  - President, SAH

BizFOREX.Com™, the forex dealing arm of SAH was established in 1999. The dynamic and fast-moving company providing internet trading platform for currency and derivative markets has trained teams of professional and friendly staff to ensure quality service to our customers. Our employees and agents are constantly upgrading and updating themselves so as to serve each individual needs better.  
   Geography of Financial Services

Star America Holdings, LLC is a financial company with a difference. With offices around the world, we focus on asset enhancement and financial security and bring a host of financial services and investment opportunities to private investors and institutions alike. With a selection of internet online brokerages services, structured derivatives, direct fund investments to personalized banking, clients experience exceptional flexibility and ready convenience, at a phone call or mouse click away for prompt and decisive fulfilments. We are in our constant strive to provide leading edge client-oriented innovative products and services.    

  •               The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
  •               Citibank NA.