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Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Issues

Do I need to download any software in order to use the BizFOREX IFT Platform?

The BizFOREX IFT Platform does not require that you download any software unless your Web browser's current version is not supported. (Please review Web browser requirements in our System Requirements document).

Is BizFOREX's IFT completely Internet-based?

IFT is 100% Internet-based, which means there is no software to install or download.

Which Web browsers are compatible with IFT?

Any browser with JDK1.1 support which includes all Netscape Navigator versions 4.04 and up as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 and up. If you do not have one of these browsers, you may freely download them from Netscape or Microsoft. It is recommended that your Web browser supports 128-bit encryption. Please review the section of software requirements in our System Requirement document.

What are the system requirements for the BizFOREX IFT Platform?

Please visit the System Requirements page for detailed description of all system requirements for running BizFOREX's IFT platform.

What are the minimum requirements in terms of connection speed?

We recommend a minimum connection of 56 Kbps or higher.

How do I connect to IFT through a firewall or proxy server?

IFT will operate properly only if the firewall allows HTTP requests to Port 80. If you are repeatedly unable to connect to the IFT server, then you should contact your system administrator. If the problem persists, then please e-mail us.

Is trading via BizFOREX's IFT secure?

BizFOREX's platform employs state of the art security and encryption technology to ensure that your transactions remain private and secure. It is recommended that your Web browser supports 128-bit encryption. To test whether your Web browser supports 128-bit encryption, please visit our Browser Test page.

Why are there two windows running when the platform is launched?

When you login to IFT, the launch browser remains open and after a few seconds, the ICTS applet will appear. It is important that the small window not be closed (it can, however, be minimized) while the IFT Platform is to remain in operation. The launch browser can be closed at any time. This small window is necessary due to typical Java implementations on most browsers that would otherwise not allow you to continue browsing the Web while the User Interface is active.

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