Frequently Asked Questions
BizFOREX, The Currency Company

Who is BizFOREX?

BizFOREX is a leading technology and financial services provider of currency conversion and localization tools, decision support applications, database technologies and transaction services. The Company was an early pioneer in the development of currency-related technologies for use in the digital economy. The Company's Web site,, receives  millions of  page views per month and has become the premier online destination for investors, businesses and travelers seeking currency tools, applications, content and community.

Most recently, the Company has launched a proprietary and fully automated Internet-based trading platform that serves as the basis for its private and white label FX trading solutions. IFT, BizFOREX's trading endeavor offers investors and speculators margin-based FX trading with real-time execution.
BizFOREX was founded upon the belief that technology, primarily the Internet, would have a significant impact on the "globalization" of the worldwide marketplace and, henceforth, a significant impact on the demand for currency-related products and services. The Company, a Delaware corporation, was established in 1997,  with offices worldwide.
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Who is the BizFOREX (A wholly owned entity of Star America Holdings, LLC)?
Founded in 1997 the BizFOREX Group is a research-driven organization with strong links to the international academic community. The Star America Holdings, LLC is a leading developer of online forecasting technology for business and finance. The Internet Forex Trading (IFT) includes real-time directional forecasts, timing indicators and trading models for applications ranging from trading to investment and risk management. BizFOREX was founded as the Internet arm of the Star America Holdings, LLC in l997.

What type of experience does the BizFOREX management team have?

Providing BizFOREX with over 10 years of research in foreign exchange markets, the Company's relationship with The Star America Group helps to create a distinct competitive advantage. BizFOREX's technology team is comprised of specialists in multi-processor infrastructures, scaling infrastructures and transaction processing. BizFOREX's management team provides the Company with substantial eCommerce expertise as well as over 60 years experience in the selling and purchasing of financial services.
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What is the IFT System?

The IFT System (IFT) is a desktop display application that shows real-time forecasts, market turning points and trading models for foreign exchange, interest rates and bond futures.
The IFT packages scientific principles and key tools and indicators into a variety of services that allow traders to comprehensively search the market for profit opportunities.
The IFT provides the following services

BizFOREX incorporates some of the IFT tools  into the IFT Platform as a value-added service to assist users in making trading decisions.